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Are you a provider who focuses on mental health and wellness and are looking to work independently amongst other providers?

MHC offers a unique private practice experience by offering a la carte business services that includes:


  • furnished office space

  • access to a large "groups" room

  • inviting waiting space for clients

  • access to a discounted EHR program

  • access to a set rate billing service

  • group marketing and collaboration

  • visible signage

  • access to business mentoring and/or supervision 

MHC's vision is to offer a continuum of services, in a shared space, to address all of a client's unique needs. MHC supports IPs by offering a "menu" of business essentials, allowing providers to spend more time on client care than day to day business needs.

MHC does not manage referrals or have any direct client contact. MHC does not manage individual practices - Independent Providers continue to be the sole owner/manager of their business. How MHC IPs grow their business is entirely up to them. No percentage sharing, no profit sharing.  

The benefit of joining the collective is numerous!

  • access to business essentials, packaged, ready to go

  • access to other providers for consultation

  • access to shared, furnished space that is maintained by MHC

  • access to other providers for referrals purposes

  • access to a continuum of services to address your clients needs

  • access to marketing via website, google ads, signage, flyers, etc...all managed by MHC

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