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"empowering clients and clinicians through a Continuum of Services" 

Mental Health Collective (The Collective) empowers clients to take control over their mental health and well being by bringing together an array of Independent Providers within the mental health and wellness fields, who offer a continuum of services and who strive to bring culturally competent, holistic, client-centered care to their clients. The Collective is an innovative approach to business supports and services that allow Independent Providers to focus on client care and not company management.

mental health collective

Independent Providers

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Mental Health Collective
  • The Collective strives to give clients access to a continuum of services by numerous Independent Providers, in a shared space.                                      

  • The Collective strives to support a collaboration of care (with client permission) across providers while strictly upholding all of the client's legal and ethical rights.                                                                

  • The Collective strives to support timely provider referrals allowing clients access to new care and services quickly.                                                         

  • The Collective strives to support IPs in their private practice endeavors by offering access to business essentials and services.

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